The Luxx Story

“I don’t want to be in the spotlight, I just want to be someone who created it” LL


Luxx was born and raised in a small town located in Shannon North Carolina,  because of her christian upbringing and a father who is a pastor, most of her childhood revolved around festivities that took place weekly in local churches.  At or around the age 13, Luxx formed a passion for singing when her father started a family christian band and began traveling around the area performing at local events and radio stations. 

During her high school years she was introduced to other world wide music genres such as Rock n Roll, Pop, R&B and more. From then on, music became her everyday life and it made a huge impact on how she viewed the world. After spending her younger 20s promoting live music shows, booking bands for local establishments and even joining a band playing bass guitar. Years later Luxx finally figured out what she wanted to do, she began to write and produce her own music, telling her story through her songs and hoping to find others who can relate to how she feels.

"I hope to inspire someone one day, to show them that you can take absolutely nothing and form it into something  thats completely beautiful and filled with such love and passion." -Luxx Lavish